Blue Distinction Center for Knee & Hip Replacement®

Our distinction is your advantage.

There’s a simple truth about hospitals: they’re not all the same. One facility may excel in certain areas and not in others, so even though a hospital may have a solid overall reputation, it’s not necessarily the right choice for Knee & Hip Replacement.

That’s why Day Kimball Hospital, located in Northeast Connecticut (CT), is proud to have been recognized as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee & Hip Replacement® by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. It shows we’ve demonstrated a commitment to excellence when it comes to delivering quality care, treatment expertise, and our patient results in Knee & Hip Replacement.

For you, our Blue Distinction designation for Knee & Hip Replacement makes it easier to find quality specialty care.

If you ever need specialty care, you and your doctor will likely make a shared decision about where you seek treatment. The Blue Distinction program was designed to provide you with critical, objective information you can use to make a smart decision. It’s a moment when you both need to be certain that you’re getting quality care, and it’s a moment we take very seriously.

Knee & hip replacement facilities like ours only become Blue Distinction Centers after a rigorous evaluation process. The criteria used to select these facilities were developed with input from expert physicians and medical organizations. As a result, patients can have confidence that Blue Distinction Centers such as ours have demonstrated better overall outcomes.

See the details: Read about the Knee & Hip Replacement Selection Criteria

Learn more: Visit the Blue Distinction Home Page

AWARDED IN 2011 and 2012.

Note: Designation as Blue Distinction Centers means these facilities' overall experience and aggregate data met objective criteria established in collaboration with expert clinicians' and leading professional organizations' recommendations. Individual outcomes may vary. To find out which services are covered under your policy at any facilities, please call your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan; and call your provider before making an appointment, to verify the most current information on its Network participation and Blue Distinction status. Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any of its Licensees are responsible for any damages, losses, or non-covered charges that may result from using this resource or receiving care from a Blue Distinction provider.

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