Winter Retreat: Music & Sound Healing

Winter Retreat is a series of workshops to explore a variety of self care and stress management techniques to support self discovery and regeneration. Participants are invited to come to one or all 5 workshops in the series.

March 23, 2011
5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Day Kimball Hospital
RHF Rooms 2 & 3


Dinner included
Cost: $20 - $35 sliding scale

In this third workshop participants will be given the opportunity to explore the therapeutic effects of music and sound and how both can elicit a variety of internal responses. Music and sound vibrations have a measurable effect on our physical bodies as well as our emotional and spiritual selves. Certain kinds of music can notably evoke a relaxation response by actually lowering blood pressure, heart rate & breathing. This workshop will demonstrate how music and sound can be used as an effective self care strategy to counter balance stress and enhance well being.

Mindful of the needs of whole person care, the Winter Retreat series provides a learning environment that will attend to body, mind, spirit, and emotional well-being. Nutritious food, movement, poetry, breath, and meditation are woven into every class.

For more information or to register contact Day Kimball's Integrative Medicine Department at (860) 928-6541 x2095 or email