Provider Partner Billing

Provider partners are independent physician practices or medical service providers that are not part of Day Kimball Healthcare, but provide their services at a Day Kimball Healthcare facility. Because they are independent from DKH, they will bill you separately for their services.

If you have a question or concern related to a bill received from one of our provider partners, please contact them directly at the numbers listed below.

Provider Partner Service Provided Contact Info
NES Physicians Emergency Room Physician 1 (800) 998-7578
University Pathologists Specialized laboratory pathology services (401) 921-0252
UMass Memorial Medical Group Specialty physician services 1 (800) 225-8885
Jefferson Radiology Group Radiologist services to interpret the results of diagnostic imaging (860) 289-3375
Sheridan Health Corp. Anesthesiologist services at Day Kimball Hospital (800) 296-2611


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