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At Day Kimball Healthcare, our practitioners work together to integrate your care. So you’ll benefit from the expertise of the Day Kimball Healthcare Center’s doctors and mid-level practitioners, as well as the experience of Day Kimball’s more than 300 medical staff members. Combine that with the new Lathrop Road building’s beautiful design and the campus’s naturally inviting landscaping including the Dow Road building, and you’re in for a whole new healthcare experience.

New Occupational Health services. Concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of employees, our occupational health experts work with businesses to create programs that foster a safe work environment. We also offer pre-employment physical exams.

  • Occupational Health:
    • Richard Brody, MD

12 Lathrop Road  |  (860) 457-9191

Physical Medicine. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language pathology services are available for patients with medical referrals.

  • Physical Medicine:

    • Bonnie Harrington, PT, Clinical Supervisor
    • Susan Marker, PT
    • Kelly Kempesta, PT
    • Kristin Flori, PT
    • Marc Desilets, PTA
    • Laura Collelo, OTR/L

31 Dow Road  |  (860) 564-6241

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. A Phase 4 maintenance class is available for people who have graduated from our Phase 2 or 3 programs or other cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs.

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation:

    • Carol Artiaco, RN, Clinical Coordinator
    • Colette Cote, RN
    • Natalie Neely, RN
    • Catherine Roto, RN
    • Brenda Rich-Pike, Exercise Physiologist

31 Dow Road  |  (860) 564-6290 

Other health-related services. Blood draw, diagnostic imaging services and anticoagulation clinic are available on site at 12 Lathrop Road.

  • Mammography and ultrasound:

By appointment and immediately with referral from Plainfield Healthcare Center physician. (860) 457-9160; For appointments call (860) 774-3366 ext. 6320 or (860) 963-6320.

Blood draw services:

By appointment and immediately with referral from Plainfield Healthcare Center physician. (860) 457-9166.

  • Anticoagulation Clinic:
    • Michelle Marsh, RN

12 Lathrop Road | (860) 457-9168

After 35 years in Plainfield, we know how to keep the community healthy. View our photo gallery of the interior of Plainfield Healthcare Center's Lathrop Road Building.

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