Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit

The Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit at Day Kimball Hospital offers inpatient hospital services for patients ranging from infancy to geriatrics. The population of patients cared for make this unit unique. The unit has 47 beds. In this mix of patients, there are 8 telemetry beds, 6 pediatric beds, and a hospice room.

The most frequent medical diagnoses cared for are patients with diabetes, cancer, stroke, and cardiopulmonary disease, as well as surgical patients. 

Pediatric patient populations include diagnoses related to respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, as well as surgical procedures such as appendectomies and repair of limb fractures.

Our current Medica/Surgical/Pediatric Unit visiting hours can be found here. However, special instructions may be given if the patient is on isolation. In addition, special consideration is given to family members or significant others who cannot visit during visiting hours. Visitors who have flu like symptoms should not come. Respiratory etiquette stations are available for visitor use.

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