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13 Questions with Marc Cerrone, MD

February 5, 2015
Authored by Sara Brandon

Super hero pediatrician Marc Cerrone, MD likes to have fun – especially on the job. In fact, every Halloween the Pediatric Center of Day Kimball Medical Group goes all out with costumes. Not only do the families love it, but clearly the doctors and staff get into it as well! (In full disclosure, it’s not all fun; they do give out prizes for best costume.) 

Marc also likes to get into the act onstage. As a community theater actor, he’s appeared in many productions for the Bradley Playhouse and Complex Performing Arts. His local theater debut was in “Annie” in 2000, his first production since high school.

His transformation into a marathoner happened a little differently: He ran track in junior high school, but ended up quitting because his coach had little faith in his running and put him into events like shot put and discus; neither of which he had trained for. (“A lousy reason to quit a sport by the way,” he adds.) He didn’t run competitively again until his early 30s when he decided to sign up for the 5-mile Deary Memorial Race. He then challenged himself to the DKH Give It a TRI sprint triathlon as his next goal. His first marathon was the Hartford Marathon in 2013, and now he’s advanced to the Ragnar Relay where he teams up with friends to run 200 miles on the Cape over a weekend. His wife Kate has not yet felt the desire to join the running craze, but there’s still hope to make it a family affair with his son and daughter… We’ll have to see what happens with the Cerrones at this year’s Deary Memorial Walk, Race & Ride. Should we put out a challenge?

Dr. Marc Cerrone on the Airline Trail just before heading out for a run.

Before you do, read on to learn more about Marc and tune in to The NEW DAY Show on WINY 1350AM the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 a.m. when he introduces you to his professional colleagues while dishing out some fun with Gary O and Erica Kesselman, MD.

1. I grew up in: Commack and South Huntington, Long Island, NY

2. Who’s on your playlist? It’s all over the place! I’ve got everything from classic Beatles to current Top 40 songs—I think it’s important with my job to stay current with the stuff the kids are listening to, and I ending liking some of it!

3. What’s your favorite movie? From the time I was little it’s been “Grease” — I had a huge crush on Olivia Newton-John and saw that movie over 20 times.

4. What’s your favorite color? Blue


Day Kimball Medical Group pediatrics office at Day Kimball Hospital campus in Putnam. 2014 Halloween costume contest. Dr. Marc Cerrone (or is that Captain America?), medical director pediatrics, on far left.

5. What was the last thing you read? Just finished “Swim Speed Secrets”, trying to get faster in my slowest part of the triathlon! Also re-reading the Bible this year.

6. Who is your hero? Gonna evoke a Whitney Houston song from the 80’s on this one: “I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow.”

7. Pets or no pets? Three right now: Adia, a yellow lab; Chuck, our cat; and Winthrop the guinea pig

8. Name something on your bucket list. I’d love to visit all 50 states…up to 32 right now but still trying to figure out if airports count!

9. What’s your “go-to” comfort food? Pasta—I’m 100% Italian and I can’t help it!

10. Smartphone, tablet or desktop? Smartphone all the way! I need the portability!

11. People would be surprised to know that I: won a rap contest on Spring Break in college. If my kids ever call my coolness into question, I bring this up!

12. What’s your current health focus? Obesity reduction…I’m passionate about trying to help my patients reduce their risk of adult obesity and thereby reduce their risk for diabetes and heart disease. With kids, there is hope!

13. What’s your favorite place in Northeast Connecticut? It’s gotta be the Airline Trail. It’s a real gem to have this beautiful path for running, biking, or just walking the dog. It’s easy to relax and enjoy the gorgeous area we live in while on the Trail!

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