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13 Questions with Melody Cassio, General Surgery Practice Manager

April 3, 2015
Authored by Sara Brandon

Melody Cassio started at Day Kimball at 16 years old, working part-time in the dietary department while going to school, and later took the Nurse’s Aide Course offered by Day Kimball. She spent a few years as a Unit Receptionist then transferred to ICU as Unit Receptionist/Secretary for “the famous ICU Nurse Manager Richard Sorel.” 

In 1985 she left Day Kimball to work at the private surgeons’ physician practice next door in the Hillside Professional Office Building. Today, she is the General Surgery Practice Manager for Day Kimball Medical Group; working in the same building with different surgeons, but still a close-knit team of doctors with Michael Baum, Ronald Franzino and David McCallum.

Even though Melody and I had different experiences growing up (me a Navy Brat moving every couple of years to a new military base and her growing up and settling down in the same area), I discovered we have much in common. She’s loyal. She’s an avid gardener – more perennial than vegetable, but she does grow both. Her dad, a state highway worker, is her hero as he taught her the love of family and “not to worry about something ‘til it happens.” And, her dogs are her kids.

I will admit though, Mel does take her passion for dogs a bit farther than me. She and her husband BJ breed, raise and train English Setters for hunting on their 25-acre home in East Putnam. In fact, this winter they had 11 puppies. (My 13-year-old Gordon Setter Maggie just passed away in October and she was a wonderful companion. There was a moment’s hesitation to consider adopting one of the puppies, but I’m not ready yet.)

When she’s not at the doctor’s office, in the kennel or out in the garden, you may find her on a power boat saltwater fishing in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. 

Keep reading to learn the comfort food we also have in common...

  1. I grew up in:
  2. Who’s on your playlist?
    A variety including country, today’s hits, oldies, jazz
  3. What’s your favorite movie?
    A Star is Born
  4. What’s your favorite color?
  5. What was the last thing you read?
    Bianca’s Vineyard, by Teresa Neumann
  6. Who is your hero?
    My father, John Smith
  7. Pets or no pets?
    4 English Setters: Josephine, Jasper, Isabelle, Elsa—they are our furry kids!!
  8. Name something on your bucket list.
    I don’t really have one. I love life and live it to the fullest.
  9. What’s your “go-to” comfort food?
    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy. Pasta and meatballs.
  10. Smartphone, tablet or desktop?
    Kindle Fire, stupid phone, desktop computer
  11. People would be surprised to know that I:
    breed dogs
  12. What’s your current health focus?
    Try to walk more, be more careful as to what I put in my mouth
  13. What’s your favorite place in Northeast Connecticut?
    Countryside in the Fall to view the foliage


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