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13 Questions with Timothy Monahan, MD

September 15, 2015
Authored by Sara Brandon

Dr. Timothy Monahan, left, at Jurf Aid Station in Iraq

Third-born of seven siblings, Timothy Monahan is the physician in the group, eventually studying dermatology. But before he went to medical school, Dr. Monahan was in the Army for 20 years, spending a portion of his career as an Intelligence Officer and then studying internal medicine under an Army scholarship. His military career started and ended at West Point and he travelled around the world in between. During that time he realized how much he enjoyed the combination of medical, surgical and pathology specialties that dermatology requires, along with the need for an investigative curiosity to diagnose skin conditions. (Makes sense for a former intelligence guy, doesn’t it?)

Dr. Monahan and his family in Rome.Today, Dr. Monahan enjoys being a father of two humans (13-year-old Tristan and 19-year-old Kiara, each interested in Boy Scouts and music respectively) and 11 animals (two dogs, three cats and six chickens). Monahan’s father has also become a dermatology buff by painting two anatomy illustrations based on research Robert Willan did in the late 1700’s to identify skin diseases by common names, improving diagnosis and treatment. (You can check them out next time you’re at Dr. Monahan’s practice at the Day Kimball Healthcare Center in Danielson). The family affair also includes gathering much of the clan (four of the seven siblings live locally) for quick-witted conversations and “either be quick or hungry” table manners for dinner. (Something Dr. Monahan’s midwestern wife Melita, an Italian teacher at Woodstock Academy, has learned to embrace.)

When you see Dr. Monahan, ask him about Thomas Jefferson. I think you’ll discover the two of them have much in common (from a love of languages and culture to both being members of Intelligence). Until then, read on for more interesting “betyadidn’tknow” tidbits.

  1. Dr. Monahan and a patient at his dermatology practice at Day Kimball Healthcare Center in Danielson, CT.I grew up in: Thompson, CT
  2. Who’s on your playlist? A podcast series Italian language course. Going to Italy this summer!
  3. What’s your favorite movie? Twelve O’Clock High
  4. What’s your favorite color? Olive drab
  5. What was the last thing you read? Consultations in Dermatology: Studies of Orphan and Unique Patients, a very stimulating book by one of the greats in clinical dermatology
  6. Who is your hero? Thomas Jefferson
  7. Pets or no pets? Two dogs: Freckles and Max; three cats: Alex, Leon, Daisy; six chickens. (I forgot their names!)
  8. Name something on your bucket list. Taking part in an archaeological dig
  9. What’s your “go-to” comfort food? Pasta with pesto
  10. Smartphone, tablet or desktop? iPad
  11. People would be surprised to know that I: once rode a horse with a Cavalry troop in the Rose Bowl Parade 
  12. What’s your current health focus? Reducing my excessive caffeine intake
  13. What’s your favorite place in Northeast Connecticut? Not one place in particular. I love those things which give us a sense of place: historic villages, stone walls, town commons and family farms scattered around the region.

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