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Your hospital. Revolutionizing care.

Redefining What a Community Hospital Should Be.

At Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH), we're taking the lead in a national movement that's changing the way people think about a community hospital. 
  • We have teams of world-class doctors and dedicated caregivers and staff that have the skills and passion needed to provide top-quality care. 
  • Community healthcare systems like ours play a vital role in delivering primary care as well as life-saving critical care that’s close to home.

And We're Beginning To Make Some Noise.

Here in Northeast Connecticut we're known as the quiet corner. Day Kimball Healthcare, the community hospital that’s been part of life around here
for 125 years, is now years ahead in the future of healthcare.
  • Day Kimball Healthcare is on the cutting-edge, forward-thinking and advancing care with a commitment to innovation and offers the most modern, effective medical treatments. 
  • From our medical staff and procedures to equipment, DKH brings the most up-to-date healthcare to the residents in our community. 
  • DKH is a vital, integral part of the local community in Northeast Connecticut and beyond.

In short, incredible things are happening at Day Kimball. It's an exciting new generation for our health system and we're beginning to make some noise.