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Congressman Courtney Delivers $50,000 USDA Community Facilities Grant

April 6, 2015

Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT2) visited Day Kimball Hospital today to officially deliver a $50,000 grant awarded to Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) by the USDA's Community Facilities Grant Program

The grant has allowed DKH to purchase six mobile “Workstations on Wheels” for our newly expanded Emergency Department and 40 laptops to upgrade the patient care technology in our Day Kimball HomeCare service.

Congressman Courtney toured the hospital's new Townsend Emergency Medical Center (slated for completion in late summer, 2015) with Robert Smanik, DKH President and CEO, Donald St. Onge, DKH Vice President, COO and CNO, and Kevin Johnston, a member of the DKH Board of Directors, before officially presenting the grant to the hospital.


Benefits of the New HomeCare Laptops

In 2013, Day Kimball’s HomeCare clinical staff completed 59,207 patient care home visits.  Demand for home care services is growing fast, as the population ages and requires more care for chronic conditions, and more accessible care that doesn't require the physical and sometimes financial strain of transportation to and from appointments. Patients are also more frequently seeking out in-home or tele-health services, in which they can be monitored and coached to health anytime, anywhere.

The purchase of these 40 laptops will assist with providing acute care services in the homes of patients who might otherwise be hospitalized, resulting in an increase in the quality of care these patients receive, improvement in their health care satisfaction, and a reduction in health care costs.


Benefits of the New Workstations on Wheels

The six new mobile Workstations on Wheels are essential Point-of-Care (POC) devices that will help reduce errors, increase productivity and save time in the Day Kimball Hospital Emergency Department. 

Moving from room to room, nurses and clinicians can tend to each patient’s needs and accurately update their records right at the bedside, resulting in increased privacy and improved care for the patient, and a more efficient workflow for staff. 

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