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Infographic | How Safe is Your Food?

April 7, 2015

Today is World Health Day, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is putting this year's focus on food safety. From the food supply chain, to point of sale, to preparation in your kitchen, knowing how to avoid harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemicals at every step along the way is key to your health. 

See the "journey" most of your food takes before ending up on your table in the infographic below, then dig in to the WHO's At the Table resource page for tons of great information on how to keep the food you're putting on your table healthy and safe.

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Emily M. Ramasra, MD

Emily M. Ramasra, MD

Internal Medicine|Infectious Disease

Dr. Ramasra is board-certified in internal medicine, and she specializes in infectious diseases. She has peer reviewed publications, and has authored several abstracts, posters, and presentations. ...more »
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