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Day Kimball HomeCare

Day Kimball HomeCare provides skilled, high-quality home medical care in patients’ homes throughout Northeast Connecticut. We work with people of all ages who are managing acute or chronic conditions and would be best served doing so from home. Our comprehensive clinical and specialized care serves pediatric to geriatric patients including new mothers, post-surgery patients and the elderly who have either been injured or become ill.

Day Kimball HomeCare is a Medicare certified home health agency, and is accredited by The Joint Commission. We’ve been the leader in providing homecare in Northeast CT for more than 30 years, and our exceptional staff of more than 100 homecare providers has been recognized repeatedly by national quality organizations. In fact, our scores were above national and state averages in a 2012 survey of patients who receive in-home healthcare, placing us in the top 25% across the nation.

Our skilled homecare providers include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and physical, occupational and speech/language therapists. Medical social workers provide long term planning, short-term counseling and supportive care in dealing with illness. And our home health aides provide supportive hands-on care, including assistance with bathing, carrying out home exercise programs and supporting patient safety.

Comprehensive Clinical Home Care

Each patient’s individualized care plan is coordinated by experienced nurses and therapists who work closely with the patient’s integrated multi-disciplinary care team—including primary care and specialty physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians—to ensure the highest level of care and, when appropriate, a seamless transition from hospital care to homecare.

We offer acute and chronic disease management 24 hours a day, seven days a week—scheduled daily, weekly or as needed. Home visits are coordinated in advance with the appropriate clinician based on which services are needed to manage the patient’s conditions.

Our clinically-trained team is able to provide
• clinical case management
• behavioral health services
• enteral nutrition
• home health aide services
• intravenous therapy
• maternal child health nursing
• medical social services
• nutritional counseling
• occupational therapy
• ostomy care
• pediatric care
• physical therapy
• skilled nursing care
• speech therapy
• telemonitoring (daily remote patient monitoring)
• tracheostomy/ventilator care
• wound care management
• wound vac therapy

As with all our homecare services, a registered nurse is on call seven days a week to provide telephone consults to patients and their
families, to conduct medical triage, and to recommend a home visit or immediate medical treatment should an issue arise.

Specialized Home Care

Our specialized services for chronic care and behavioral health management are based on research that demonstrates improved outcomes when these health conditions are addressed in a systematic, evidenced-based yet compassionate manner. Day Kimball HomeCare employs professionals with specific training for these services to enhance the overall quality of care and service. When we focus on these areas of care, related and unrelated conditions also benefit from improved health.

Specialized In-Home Behavioral Health Care
Our specially trained behavioral health clinicians have extensive experience working with adults and seniors who suffer from psychiatric disabilities.

Our specialized behavioral health services include
• plan of care assessment and development
• medication management and education
• psychotherapeutic supportive counseling
• coordination of mental health treatment with other medical care
• transition to outpatient mental health services

In-Home Chronic Care Management
Chronic care management is our approach to caring for persons with prolonged or ongoing illnesses. It brings the focus of care to the individual, and takes into account the struggles that are part of each person’s illness. We’re committed to understanding the way each of our patients live their daily lives, and we strive to become a trusted partner as we help them implement the meaningful changes that make it easier for them to manage their conditions. This is best accomplished in the comfort of home, where most challenges are faced.

We coach patients and their caregivers through this process of change, minimizing inpatient admissions and improving the patient’s overall health. Focused diagnoses include heart failure, COPD, diabetes and depression.

The self-management plan of care is

  • guided by professionals in partnership with the patient
  • focused on continuous management of the illness
  • communicated across all healthcare settings being utilized by the patient
  • enhanced through the use of technology to monitor and help support positive changes

As with all our homecare services, a registered nurse is on call seven days a week to provide telephone consults to patients and their families, to conduct medical triage, and to recommend a home visit or immediate medical treatment should an issue arise.

QUEST Needs Assessment Tool and Senior Resources

QUEST has been created by Day Kimball Healthcare's homecare experts in CT to help you and your family members identify any needs you may have. In addition, we have listed potential resources that you may want to contact for services or information regarding your health and wellness.

Download the QUEST tool >

Download the Senior Resource Directory >


Billing and Payment Information

In most instances, the in-home medical care we provide is covered by Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance. Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage, copays, deductibles and any prior authorization requirements. We also offer services under private pay. Certain individuals may qualify for financial aid in paying for our services. Please ask us how we can help you access the assistance that is best for you.

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