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Wendy's Place

Wendy's Place is a multidisciplinary partnership of professionals established for the investigation of allegations of child abuse, and to ensure the coordination of services for children and their families. Wendy’s Place strives to reduce the trauma of the investigation process by offering a safe, child-friendly environment where videotaped interviews of children are conducted. The interviews are conducted by specially trained individuals, using a culturally sensitive model. An advocate is available to provide information and support to the non-offending parents or guardians while the interview is taking place.

Wendy’s Place is a Fully Accredited Member (2010 and 2015) with the National Children’s Alliance and a member of the Connecticut Children’s Alliance Inc.

The Investigative Process

The child is interviewed at Wendy’s Place by a specially trained DCF investigator or law enforcement officer. The interview will be videotaped, and the videotape will remain in the custody of law enforcement as evidence.

The child will be referred for a medical evaluation, if necessary. Medical evaluations are performed at Windham Community Memorial Hospital and Day Kimball Hospital.

The law enforcement officer and the DCF investigator will continue their investigation, and interview other witnesses and the alleged offender, if possible.

The team will discuss their findings, and decide how to proceed with the case. DCF will review their investigation, and develop a case management plan. The State’s Attorney will review the results of the police investigation, and determine if there is sufficient evidence to begin a criminal action against the alleged offender.


Goals of Wendy's Place

  • To provide a coordinated, comprehensive response to allegations of child abuse, in order to minimize the number of times children will need to be interviewed
  • To do the best possible job investigating what, if anything, has happened
  • To provide a child-friendly, safe environment for children during the investigative process
  • To make the investigative process as comfortable as possible for children and their non-offending family members
  • To arrange services to help children begin to heal




For More Information Contact:

Christine Collins
Multidisciplinary Team/Child Advocacy Center Coordinator for Windham County
Phone: (860) 963-6599 (press 1 then ext. 7113)
Fax: (860) 928-2391 

Click here to download the informational sheet for Wendy's Place


Click here to download the informational brochure for Wendy's Place in Espanol
Click here to download the informational brochure about the MDT in Espanol

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Partnership will serve to enhance clinical care, expand access to providers in Northeast Connecticut.

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