Day Kimball Healthcare

Day Kimball HomeMakers Celebrates 25 Years in Northeast Connecticut

June 23, 2010

Day Kimball HomeMakers employees, Gloria Singleton, Ann Sledzik, Carol Tucker and volunteer, Maureen Bender at the agency’s 25th Anniversary Celebration held at the Raceway Restaurant & Golf Club in Thompson, CT.

PUTNAM, CONNECTICUT – On June 21, 2010, Day Kimball HomeMakers reached its 25th anniversary of providing homemaking and personal care services to Northeast Connecticut. The agency recently held an evening of awards and celebration to commemorate the anniversary.

“It’s refreshing to do what we love and to do it well,” said Susan Esons, executive director of Day Kimball HomeMakers. “Part of our success is due to the fact that we are always reinventing ourselves to respond to changes in our environment and client needs. It takes a team and a community of caring people to make this wonderful work happen.”

In 1985 Day Kimball HomeMakers, formerly known as Northeast HomeMakers, began with merely eight employees and 50 clients. It quickly grew to 10 employees in 1987 which included the hiring of Susan Esons. With 23 years as executive director of the agency, Esons said, “This year, Day Kimball HomeMakers is much more complex than 25 years ago or even 10. People are living much longer and to be in your 90’s and still living at home is becoming common place. Alzheimer’s and dementia has a tremendous impact on families, and caregivers are struggling to handle all that is on their plates. Assisting caregivers in these situations is our specialty.”

In the 1980’s, Day Kimball HomeMakers’ services included mostly chore and companion tasks with only female employees. Today, Day Kimball HomeMakers is comprised of 90 employees including seven males, and serves nearly 500 clients per year. The agency’s goal is to improve the quality of life for clients and caregivers while assisting the elderly to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Day Kimball HomeMakers’ employees are specially trained professionals in Alzheimer’s and dementia care and offer personal care assistance, companion, homemaking and transportation services, as well as caregiver relief along with the option of 24-hour care.

“What we offer is a very personalized service that can be used at any time in a person’s life,” added Esons. “We go into people’s homes and provide these services on a daily basis. And, being a part of Day Kimball Healthcare is important for our clients because while we offer non-medical services, we are able to integrate and coordinate with all other medical services, such as primary care physicians, Day Kimball HomeCare and the Geriatric Care Management Program.”

Sandy Kochanowski has been an employee of Day Kimball HomeMakers for 21 years. Kochanowski is responsible for 13 clients and provides services such as bathing, cleaning, preparing meals, laundry and running errands for them. “I love my job. It is very important to me to get up each morning and help someone in need,” said Kochanowski. “Day Kimball HomeMakers is a wonderful agency with a professional and skilled staff that truly cares about each and every client and the work we do.” Kochanowski has served nearly 300 clients over the years and said many of them have impacted her life. She said, “I’ve had clients tell me that they don’t know what they would do without my help or the help of Day Kimball HomeMakers. This makes me feel like our agency is doing great things every day for the people in our community.”

For 25 years of stability, growth and success, Day Kimball HomeMakers celebrated with an awards night dinner banquet for employees, their families and agency supporters. Eleven awards were given out while nearly 200 guests watched the pride emulating from speakers including Dr. Joseph Botta, president of the Day Kimball HomeMakers Board of Directors, Robert Smanik, president & CEO of Day Kimball Healthcare, and Susan Esons, executive director of Day Kimball HomeMakers. Employee award recipients were as follows:

Joyce Major Award - Barbara Bourque
Above & Beyond - Ron Dass
Team Player - Simone Babulsky
Award of Excellence - Emily Allard
A Caring Heart - Norma Bonosconi
Rising Star - Erin Beckett
Unsung Hero - Danielle Race
Shining Star - Alice Coderre
A Cut Above - Sheryl Goulette
Heart Felt Award - Kathy Demers
Family Dedication Award – The Wagher Family

Guests stayed until late in the evening to enjoy dinner, music, dessert and dancing.