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Day Kimball Hospital Celebrates 25 Years of Success with Golf Classic

September 2, 2009

(L-R) Day Kimball Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Douglas Waite and President & CEO, Robert Smanik with Jeffery Alexander and Mike St. Lawrence at the 25th Annual Day Kimball Hospital Golf Classic.

–Day Kimball Healthcare recently celebrated the 25th Annual Day Kimball Hospital Golf Classic at Tunxis Plantation Country Club in Farmington, CT. With over 200 golfers and volunteers, this event raised more than $74,000, bringing the tournament’s 25-year total contribution to over $1,320,000 to benefit various programs and services within the hospital.

Tori Bates, interim director for development at Day Kimball Healthcare said, “25 years of success for any one event is extremely impressive and illustrates the amount of dedication and heart that goes into supporting Day Kimball Hospital. The Golf Classic has been a significant contributor to improving Day Kimball programs and services through the sheer generosity of our sponsors, golfers and volunteers.”

The results of this year’s Golf Classic were impressive. Results for gross on the white course were: 1st– Michael Douglas, Bill Flanagan, Dan Busha and Scott O’Donnell; 2nd- Rene Morin, Don St. Onge, Tom Harney and Bill Poirier; 3rd – Bob Jacques, Rich Messer, Brian Bardier and Willie Bousquet; 4th – Dave Panteleakos, Jeff Pycko, Mike Panteleakos and Kevin Cole; 5th – Roger Noll, Jeff Oberle, Jake Matot and Bob Franks.

Gross results on the green course were: 1st – Michele Volpe, Ray Bershtein, Chris McKeon and Thomas LaTorre; 2nd – John O’Rourke, Ed Perron, Peter Place and Paula Lajeunesse; 3rd – Bill Karanian, Bob Petry, Kemp Morhardt and Mark Rhoades; 4th – Jim Williams, Marc Allard, Greg Allard and Glenn Arremony; 5th – Bob Halloran, John Miller, Paul Nelson and Dick Loomis.

Net results on the white course were: 1st-David Conrad, Terry Niles, Graham Niles and Chic Pritchard; 2nd – Scott Green, Biren Chokshi, Paul Matty and John Smutnick; 3rd – Tom Chenail, Paul Monahan, Greg Harubin and Mike Knowles; 4th – Skip Bates, Bob Chenail, Mike Gaudreau and Alan Parsons; 5th – Mike MacDonald, Paul Wojtowicz, Steve Cassano and Tom Sheard.

Net results on the green course were: 1st– Brad Hastings, Fred Williams, Nancy Gingras and Louisa Jones; 2nd – Ted Decyk, Kevin Harrington, Kim Kiernan and Mike Fraga; 3rd – Mark Bushway, Don Spencer, Blair Altemus and Richard Johnson; 4th – Bill Miners, Jerry Beausoleil, Ronald Coderre and John Pasutto; 5th – John Paquette, Dave Miller, Mark Strunk and Mike Zurowski.

Results for skins were: White Skins – Eagle 3 on #13 – Tom Chenail, Paul Monohan, Greg Harubin and Mike Knowles. Green skins – Birdie 3 on #6 – Don Musial, Mike Richard, Matt Brown and Bob Griffin; Eagle 2 on #7 and Eagle 2 on #15 – Michelle Volpe, Ray Bershtein, Chris McKeon and Tom LaTorre; Birdie 2 on #12 – Bill Miners, Jerry Beausoleil, Ronald Coderre and John Pasutto.

Results for Closest to the Pin on the white course were: 4th hole, Paul Matty, 3’8”; 8th hole, Jeffy Pycko, 8’1”; 14th hole, Jeff Pycko, 9’8”; and 16th hole, Neil Bernier, 7.5”. Results on the green course for Closest to the Pin were: 5th hole, Stuart Hersh, 7’; 8th hole, Ted Decyk, 11’9”; 12th hole, Louisa Jones, 12’10”; and 18th hole, Chris Mckeon, 7’1”.

For the 7th consecutive year, The Citizens National Bank of Putnam was the Golf Classic’s Platinum sponsor by donating $10,000.

For more information about next year’s Day Kimball Hospital Golf Classic Tournament on Monday, July 19, 2010, please contact Tori Bates at 860-928-7141 or email

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