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Day Kimball Hospital Opens Newly Expanded Sleep Disorder Center

July 7, 2009

Newly renovated Sleep Disorder Center bedroom with home-like amenities.



– The Sleep Disorder Center at Day Kimball Hospital, the only American Academy of Sleep Medicine, (AASM) accredited sleep center in Northeast Connecticut, has recently expanded to four sleep suites with the newly renovated facility fully equipped with home-like amenities.

The sleep suites are climate controlled with a queen size bed, flat screen cable television with DVD player and full bath. The sleep disorder services offered at Day Kimball are unique to include sleep studies for patients over the age of two as well as to accommodate third shift workers with daytime sleep studies. A sleep technologist is available all hours of the day and night Monday through Friday. Once the patient falls asleep, a specially trained technologist monitors heart and breathing patterns, oxygen levels and eye, chin and leg movements from a separate room.

Sleep disorders can affect people in the following ways: trouble falling or staying asleep, breathing stops during sleep, loud snoring, restless at night, fatigued after a night’s sleep, wake up with a headache, moody or irritable, trouble with concentration, hyperactivity and children among other symptoms. Day Kimball Hospital offers testing for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs, REM behaviors, parasomnias, nocturnal seizure disorder and narcolepsy.

Once a sleep test is completed, comprehensive reports are sent to the patient’s physician mostly within 10 days. These results help the physician determine an effective treatment plan for the patient to help him or her rest during the night and experience better overall health.

The Sleep Disorder Center at Day Kimball Hospital is Northeast Connecticut’s largest accredited sleep disorder center and last year completed over 700 sleep tests. Sleep studies require a physician referral. Call 860.963.6340 for more information.


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