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Jane Tingley Announces Retirement After 48 Years of Service as Day Kimball Healthcare Celebrates All Long-Term Employee Milestones

December 10, 2009

Jane Tingley, financial counselor, is retiring from Day Kimball Healthcare after 48 years of service.

PUTNAM, CT – Day Kimball Healthcare’s longest tenured employee Jane Tingley is retiring after 48 years of service. Tingley began her career at Day Kimball as the administrative assistant to the CEO in 1961. She has worked for several departments and is finishing her distinguished career as one of the organizations successful financial counselors.

In her role as financial counselor, Tingley works closely with the department of social services in Willimantic and guides patients through all of the financial aspects of insurances and payment options. She has enjoyed the responsibility for helping patients apply for financial assistance and helps determine ways for them to afford the healthcare they need.

 When asked what she will miss about Day Kimball, Tingley replied, “I will miss helping patients to afford the care they need. Many patients have shown their appreciation and said that they benefited from my help so I will miss being able to assist those in need.”

Originally from Vermont, Tingley has spent most of her years in Connecticut. Before joining Day Kimball, Tingley worked for Knox Glass in Dayville handling their switchboard. During her retirement, Tingley plans to travel, spend time with her family as well as enjoy one of many hobbies including gardening and country line dancing.

Tingley’s retirement announcement coincides with Day Kimball Healthcare’s celebration of other long-term employees who were recently honored for reaching significant milestones in the number of years they have worked for the organization. Every year Day Kimball holds a recognition ceremony for employees reaching 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years as a thank you for their years of outstanding commitment. Managers are able to speak about the hard work, character traits and daily responsibilities of their employees.

Employees receiving recognition for 40 years of service include: Sandra Coutu of Ambulatory Surgery; Linda Phaiah of Medical Records and Lorraine Laperle-Bibeault of the Pediatric Center.

35 years of service has been achieved by Suzanne Rettig of Diagnostic Services; Kathleen Plaine of HomeCare; Gail Mailhot of Medical Records; Eileen Minio of the Medical/Surgical Unit and Nancy Zamagni of Physician Services.

Employees with 30 years of service include Louise Bennett of Diagnostic Services; Robin Ledogar-Baker of EKG; Laurie Cook and Elizabeth Murphy of the Lab; Janice Perry of MIS; Joan Bentley of Nutritional Services; Dianne Cabana and Shirley Herdman of the OR.

Recognized for 25 years of service are Sandra Perron of Patient Accounts; Barbara Chubbuck of the Lab and ICU; Susan Langevin of Medical Records; Elaine Marcheterre of the Medical/Surgical Unit; Susan Erskine of Nutritional Services; Joanne Ashton of Behavioral Health Services; Mary Ann Pezanko of Quality Improvement and Jan St. Jean of the OR.

Employees recognized for 20 years of service include Cathy Fargeorge-Arkell and Mary Horkey of Diagnostic Services; Deborah Cyr of Finance; Donna Wojciechowski of HomeCare; Donna Hendrickson of Hospice; Tracy Barry of Housekeeping; Lori Bennett of Human Resources; Colette Cote and Debra Wiech of the ICU; Joy Blackmar of the Lab; Deborah Williams, Linda Rochefort and Margaret Wilson of Maternal Child Health; Carol Merlo of Medical Records; Anne Alves of the Medical/Surgical Unit, Christine Glinski of OB/GYN Services, Linda Johnson of Patient Access; Suzanne Gervais of the Pediatric Center; Ann Marie DeMerchant and Mary Keenan of Respiratory Therapy.

15 years of service includes Kathleen Demers of Geriatric Care; Debra Bessette Gaudette and Michelle Blanchette of HomeCare; Kathie Adams of Hospice; Jeannine Fournier of IV Team; Patrice Bernier of the Lab; Lisa Schmidt of MIS; Gloria Booker and Kim Fafard of Nutritional Services and Jane Williamson of Patient Access.

Employees with 10 years of service include Elise Young of Ambulatory Services; Suzanne Brown and Amy Kopacz of Diagnostic Services; Rose Normandie of Case Management; Tami Labelle of Central Sterile Supply; Patricia Hill and Mary Romppainen of HomeCare; Debra Persson and Vanmaly Sangasy of the ICU; Deborah Larocque of the Lab; Dawn Hippert of Maternal Child Health; Janice Kegel and Jennifer Senecal of Medical Records; Carrie Roberts of the Medical/Surgical Unit; Lisa Murray of the Mental Health Clinic; Marjorie Roy of Oncology; Donald Deary and Raymond Laberge of Plant Operations; Wendy Charette and Michael Guile of Patient Access; Mark Cerrone, M.D. and Debra Curtis of the Pediatric Center; Tracey Rose of Physical Medicine; Jane Poirier of the Recovery Room and John Roberts of Respiratory Therapy.