Day Kimball Healthcare

Moosup Resident Dianne Dupere-Lindell is Day Kimball Hospital’s February Employee of the Month

February 11, 2011

Dianne Dupere-Lindell, RN in the homecare department is Day Kimball Hospital’s February Employee of the Month.

PUTNAM, CONN. – Day Kimball Healthcare announces that Dianne Dupere-Lindell, RN, from the organization’s Day Kimball HomeCare division is Day Kimball’s February Employee of the Month.

“Dianne is a respected and beloved member of the homecare team,” said Judie Blackmore, director of Day Kimball HomeCare. “A strong patient advocate and a dedicated leader, Dianne has given tirelessly of herself over the years as demonstrated in both her professional and personal life. She is best known for her love of the nursing profession, her quick wit and sense of humor, and for her generosity to others. This recognition is surely well deserved.”

Dupere-Lindell has been employed by Day Kimball Healthcare for nearly thirty-five years and has been a homecare nurse for more than fifteen years. Prior to joining the homecare team, Dupere-Lindell held many nursing positions within the hospital both as a staff nurse and as a supervisor. Dupere-Lindell currently manages the nursing staff and operations of Day Kimball HomeCare’s Griswold location.

The Day Kimball HomeCare staff feels that Dupere-Lindell is a unique and strong nursing mentor to both novice and seasoned nurses. She is highly regarded as a nurse who displays and advances skilled, high-quality, compassionate, collaborative and ethical care.

While working full time as a homecare nurse, Dupere-Lindell earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in nursing. She maintains a CPR instructor status and has encouraged nurses to apply for clinical ladders II and III to advance their skills.

Currently living in Moosup, Dupere-Lindell enjoys being creative by arranging flowers and home décor.