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Woodstock Resident Meg-Ann Clark is Day Kimball Hospital’s June Employee of the Month

June 17, 2010

Meg-Ann Clark, Medical Social Worker in the Case Management Department is
Day Kimball Hospital’s June Employee
of the Month.

PUTNAM, CT – Day Kimball Healthcare announces that Meg-Ann Clark, Medical Social Worker, in the Case Management Department is Day Kimball Hospital’s June Employee of the Month.

“I’m very excited about this achievement,” said Clark. “We have a great team in our department and I am honored to be a part of Day Kimball Healthcare.”

Clark’s daily responsibilities include work in the emergency department assisting patients in need of social services as well as interviewing and finding placement for patients in need of rehabilitation services. She also provides referrals throughout the hospital and is available for consultation as needed.

Clark has a Master’s Degree in organizational management from Eastern Connecticut State University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in social work and criminal justice. Before coming to Day Kimball five years ago, Clark worked for United Services, Inc. where she assisted with many programs through social work. Having been a social worker for over 20 years, Clark said she enjoys working with different populations and likes the diversity of her cases. It is important to her that her patients get what they need and want. “One of the most important parts of my job is patient safety,” said Clark. “I do safety assessments to make sure patients can return home to a safe environment, are safe to leave the hospital or the emergency department, and have the resources or information they need in order to go on.”

“Meg-Ann comes to work with a smile on her face every day,” said Deb Kulsic, director of case management. “She will stay longer than her scheduled hours if needed to complete the job and never complains about it. We are lucky to have her as part of our team.”

Clark feels that the most difficult part about social work is not carrying emotions around inside over things that happen. Being affected by social work is inevitable, but Clark feels that it is important to separate work and home. For Clark, home is in Woodstock with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys spending time with her family and animals.