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Community Benefit

What is Community Benefit?

The term ‘Community Benefit’ describes programs or activities that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs. These programs are not provided for marketing purposes. A community benefit must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Generates a low or negative margin
  • Responds to needs of special populations, such as persons living in poverty and other disenfranchised persons
  • Supplies services or programs that would likely be discontinued-or would need to be provided by another not-for-profit or government provider– if the decision was made on a purely financial basis
  • Responds to public health needs
  • Involves education or research that improves overall community health
Adult Bereavement Support Group
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program - DKH
Arthritis Support Group
Asthma Clinic
Bereavement Group Session
Biggest Loser
Blood Drive
Blood Pressure Screening
Bone Density Screening
Business Skills Lectures - OBGYN
Caregiver Support Group
Cholesterol Screening
Circle of Friends Ongoing Bereavement Group
Clergy Community Network
Community Sponsorships
Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
Diabetes Club
Employee Wellness (Outside DKH)
Family Training
First Aid Class - Community
Flu & Pneumonia Immunization Program
Flu Immunization Clinic
Foster Grandparent Program
Health Column
Health Ed Lectures/Presentations to Community
Health Fairs
Healthy Lifestyles Support Group
Heart Health Presentation
High School Fitness Class
Holistic Health Series
Hospice Inservice
Integrative Medicine Presentation
Learning in Retirement
Lecture Series
Lyme Disease Support Group
Open Houses
Paramedic Intercept Program
Parkinson's Support Group/Presentation
Personal Care Training II
Planned Giving Seminar (Estate Planning)
Safe Sitter
Senior Resources Services and Foot Care Clinic
Senior Walking Program
Small Changes Big Difference
Smoking Cessation
Stroke Support Group
Student Mentor/Shadow Program
Students - Technical/Clinical LPN/RN
Students- Other Health Professionals
Susan Chilkott Memorial Healthcare Professionals' Scholarship
TBI Support Group
Weight Loss Challenge


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