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Woman's Board Membership

Join the Woman's Board

Membership to the Day Kimball Healthcare Women’s Board is open to all in Northeast Connecticut who are willing to support our goals and expectations. Members are expected to actively participate. For more information on joining the Woman's Board, please e-mail womansboarddkh


2014 - 2016 Officers

President Cheryl Bozorgmanesh
Vice President Nancy Dziki
Recording Secretary open
Corresponding Secretary  Susan Desrosiers
Treasurer Kimberly Lecuyer
Assistant Treasurer Brooke Gelhaus


Committee Chairpersons

Gift Shop Denise Baum and Kimberly Lecuyer
Membership Denise Archambault
Publicity Valentine Iamartino
Quarterly Meetings Gladys Tucker and Jan Blanchette
Vendor Sales Christine Glinski
Archivist/Historian Gladys Tucker
Fundraising Arlene Baril and Linnea Sarantopoulos


Town Chairpersons

Brooklyn Terri Messa and Linda Mark
Danielson Christine Robinson and Gloria Martin
Abington Joanne Fagan and Susan Horn
Putnam Adrienne Fournier
East Woodstock Barbara Elliott and Gladys Tucker
Thompson Robin Paquette and Carol Tucker


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The latest news on what we're doing to protect local high quality healthcare and jobs in Northeast Connecticut.


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