Women's Health

We’re focused on meeting the unique healthcare needs of women.

As a woman, you deserve healthcare that’s in tune with your unique needs — and delivered by people who understand them.

So we’ve adopted an approach to women’s health that integrates primary care, gynecology, and obstetrics with other specialty care into a holistic model that begins at birth and continues through the various phases of adult life.

From adolescence to geriatrics, our women’s health professionals are dedicated to providing a wide range of services focused on women’s care, all offered in a coordinated manner that helps you simplify the healthcare aspect of your busy and multi-faceted life. We’ve even designed the Women’s Health Center at our Plainfield Healthcare Center to deliver an exceptionally comfortable experience, with soothing lighting, soft colors and spa-style robes instead of traditional hospital johnnies.

Our women’s health services network consists of:

  • OB/GYN: Our integrated services target women’s needs and include annual exams, birth control (including Essure), breast exams, infertility, menopause management, minimally invasive surgeries, Pap smear, STD screenings, and other specialty services.
  • Maternal Child Health: This includes labor and delivery at our Day Kimball Hospital Birthing Center, care of new mothers and newborns, care of sick newborns who do not need neo-natal intensive care, and care of gynecology patients.
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine: This specialty service is for high-risk pregnancies and is fully integrated with your overall obstetrical care.
  • Primary Care: Our patient-centered medical home model places the primary care physician at the center of your healthcare, coordinating your care among various providers and advocating for you within the healthcare system.

And your care is integrated with the following network services:

  • Behavioral Health Services: This includes emergency psychiatric assessments, inpatient psychiatric treatment, and outpatient behavioral health counseling. Our services are designed to address issues specific to women throughout their life span.
  • Breast Health Program: This program promotes the use of and access to routine screening mammography. If you have an abnormal mammogram or need a breast biopsy, we’ll help you navigate smoothly through the healthcare system.
  • Cardiology: We follow evidenced-based guidelines for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment especially for women, and partner with UMass Memorial Medical Center for emergency care.
  • Dermatology: We offer a variety of treatments for acne, allergy rashes, psoriasis, and melanomas and other skin cancers. We also offer in-office prevention, care and treatment for biopsies, surgical excisions, injections, chemical peels, skin allergies, and much more.

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