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Services offered by Day Kimball's Cardiology team include pre-hospital emergency treatment, emergency treatment, non-invasive diagnostic testing, treatment and rehabilitation for cardiac patients.

Heart disease takes the lives of more men and women than any other health condition. Over the past decade, Day Kimball Hospital has developed a high quality, comprehensive, and coordinated cardiac care program for the northeastern Connecticut community to combat the high incidence of heart disease in the region.

Frequently referred to as “the chain of survival,” Day Kimball’s Cardiac Services consists of an aggressive system of identification, treatment, and rehabilitation. This includes the identification of at-risk individuals by primary care physicians, pre-hospital treatment of heart attack patients, aggressive diagnosis and use of clot-busting drugs in the Emergency Department, affiliations with major medical centers for cardiac catheterizations and an effective rehabilitation program.

The first hour of a heart attack is called “The Golden Hour” by physicians. This is the critical 60 minutes when rapid diagnosis and treatment can minimize permanent damage to the heart and save lives. With this in mind, Day Kimball Hospital initiated a paramedic intercept program in northeastern Connecticut. By training paramedics to administer life saving treatments before the patient even reaches the hospital, in essence bringing the Emergency Department to the patient, and saving precious minutes.

At Day Kimball, cardiac patients benefit from the use of advanced diagnostic equipment to detect heart abnormalities, both on an emergent and outpatient basis. In fact, for a small community hospital, Day Kimball hospital offers a range of specialized cardiac diagnostic procedures typically found only at major medical centers.

To supplement Day Kimball’s cardiac care services, should more advanced procedures such as cardiac catheterization or angioplasty be required, patients can be quickly transported a major medical center.

The final link in the chain of survival is Day Kimball’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program. This four phase program of education and supervised exercise is specially designed to help patients return to a quality life after suffering from a cardiac event.

In recent years, Day Kimball has worked even harder to prevent cardiac events from happening in the first place, a strategy known as “primary prevention.” By identifying “at-risk” individuals before they suffer a cardiac event, and initiating a preventative program of medication, awareness, and lifestyle modification, patients can take an active role in avoid a serious heart condition all together.

Key Staff Members

Dr. John Modica, Medical Director
Dr. William Bradbury
Dr. Lisa Canter
Dr. Mary Frisella

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