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Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Program

Long overdue in an area with an established need for such resources, the Day Kimball Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Program is available through our Behavioral Health Center, providing a range of outpatient psychiatric and psychological services for children up to the age of 18 and their families. Our compassionate team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers treat youngsters from many backgrounds and with a wide variety of conditions, including adjustment disorders, family dysfunction, anxiety and depressive disorders, social learning deficits, executive functioning and behavior problems, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. While we provide some basic and symptom-specific assessments to aid diagnostic clarity and inform clinical progress, we typically collaborate with a team of highly-qualified community-based assessment specialists when more comprehensive neuropsychological testing is warranted.

Typical Diagnoses and Conditions Treated:

  • Adjustment reactions (a reaction to an identifiable stressor or situation that affects emotional, behavioral, academic, and developmental progress).
  • Executive function deficits (e.g., ADHD) and other disruptive behavior problems that affect home, school and community.
  • Anxiety/fears, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Depression, bipolar illness, and other mood disorders.
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Parent-child relational problems, parenting challenges and family dysfunction.
  • Reactions to chronic and acute illness.
  • Developmental and social learning deficits (e.g., Asperger Syndrome, NLD, PDD).

Typical Referral Sources:

  • Day Kimball Pediatric Centers and affiliated community physicians
  • Local schools
  • CT Department of Children and Families
  • Community behavioral health agencies, providers and service organizations
  • Area psychiatric and partial hospital programs

Learn about our Emergency Behavioral Health Center (outpatient services) and Behavioral Health Unit (inpatient services).

Medical Provider Team:

Amit Rathi, MD, Child/ Adolescent Psychiatrist
Andre P. Bessette, PhD, Child/ Adolescent Psychologist
Wayne Rosenfield, PhD, Child, Adolescent and School Psychology
Peter Neal, M.Ed, LPC
Kathleen Mackenzie, MS, RN, Clinical Coordinator


The Behavioral Health Center is located in a building adjacent to the Day Kimball Hospital birthing center.

Day Kimball Healthcare
Behavioral Health Center
320 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260

Tel: (860) 963-6385

Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Wednesday 8 a.m.-8p.m., and Friday 8 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Extended evening hours may be available based on client need.

Please note, we do not have on-call hours for our clinicians. Individuals in crisis should call 211 or to 911, or proceed to their nearest hospital emergency room.