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Some Seniors Don't Fully Recover From Hip Fracture

Geriatric experts cite need to set realistic expectations for the injured and their families

Air Pollution May Harm Healthy Young Adults, Too

Utah study suggests elderly and ill aren't the only ones hurt by dirty air

3 in 4 Teens Think E-Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco

But devices deliver as much, if not more, nicotine than cigarettes, smoking experts say

Sharp Rise in Obamacare Premiums for 2017

Feds confirm double-digit rate hikes and fewer health-plan choices, but claim affordability for low-income consumers

Medical Marijuana Not a Lure for Kids: Study

Found no change in pot use among children, but that wasn't the case for people older than 25

Birthing Pool Not the Place to Deliver: Guidelines

Immersion may help during early labor, but poses risks during delivery, ob-gyns advise

Survey: Doctor/Patient Disconnect on Cancer Prevention

A survey finds that 71% of primary care health professionals say they start conversations with patients about cancer prevention, but only 27% of patients say they've had such a talk with them.

Women Reaching Equality in Dubious Habit: Drinking

Females also closing the gender gap on health problems from alcohol consumption

Review: Calcium Supplements Won't Harm the Heart

Other physicians urge caution, however, and say these findings aren't conclusive

Polio Nearly Vanquished: CDC

But small pockets of world still have cases of crippling disease, officials add

El Nino Could Boost Lyme Disease in Western U.S.

Northeast may also experience changes in infectious diseases due to weather variations, research suggests

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