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Grilled, Smoked Meats and Breast Cancer Survival

Study can't prove cause and effect, but raises questions about beef, pork, lamb cooked at high temps

Too Much Sitting Ages You Faster

Cells of elderly sedentary women look much older than their actual age, study finds

FDA: New Fish Guidelines for Kids, Pregnant Women

Agency recommends 2-3 servings of 'best choices' weekly

Short Exercise Sessions May Decrease Inflammation

20 minutes on a treadmill linked to drop in immune cells tied to inflammation, study finds

Hot Chili Peppers May Extend Life

Hot Chili Peppers May Extend Life: Study

Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease in Some National Parks

U.S. National Park Service and CDC advise using insect repellents on clothes and skin

Working Out? Don't Bring Your Cellphone

Researchers say talking and texting makes workout less efficient and throws you off-balance

High Blood Pressure May Not Be All Bad in Elderly

Developing it after 80 might help prevent mental decline, research suggests

ACA Repeal: Many More Uninsured, Higher Premiums?

Nonpartisan report analyzes probable effects of a 2015 Congressional bill

Steep Rise in Births to U.S. Women Using Opioids

Few treatment programs deal with substance abuse in expectant moms, federal report says

1 in 3 Adults Diagnosed as Asthmatic May Not Be

Almost half did not get objective breathing test, researchers in Canada found

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A new report shows Day Kimball Hospital has achieved zero adverse events for its patients for the second consecutive year and is one of just two CT hospitals to do so in this latest report period.

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