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FDA Renews Call to Reduce Salt in Processed Foods

By cutting down on hidden sodium sources, agency hopes to reduce America's overall intake

Marijuana Chemical May be in Colorado Town's Water

Marijuana Chemical May be in Colorado Town's Water

Smoke Less, Drink Less?

Study found those who tried to quit cigarettes drank less alcohol, but reasons unclear

Coming to a Brew Near You: Calories, Carbs Info

Best-selling beers will soon disclose nutrition facts, ingredient list, freshness dates

Women Smokers at Higher Risk for Brain Bleed

'Devastating' hemorrhage often affects younger people, neurologist says

L.L. Bean Recalls Kids' Water Bottles Due to Lead

L.L. Bean Recalls Kids' Water Bottles Due to Lead

Detergent Pods Poison 3 in 4 Kids Exposed to Them

Hospitalizations 4 times more common with pods compared to other detergents, study finds

Experts Criticize Report on Rising Prostate Cancer

American Cancer Society says methodology used for recent study was flawed

1 in 10 Americans Has Had Ringing in the Ears

Study also found association between prolonged exposure to loud noises and tinnitus

Noisy Homes Can Slow a Toddler's Vocabulary

Limit background chatter when teaching new words, study says

Scans Not Worthwhile for Most Thyroid Cancers

Doctors found checking for recurrences with these low-risk tumors didn't affect survival rates

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