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13 Questions with Jayme Dandeneau, RN, BSN, Oncology Nurse Navigator, Rose Bove LaRose Cancer Center


For Jayme Dandeneau, RN, BSN, oncology nurse navigator in the Rose Bove LaRose Cancer Center at Day Kimball Hospital (DKH), spending her spare time working on her farm in Foster, Rhode Island is the perfect antidote to a long work week. And it’s something she wouldn’t miss for the world.

Jayme grew up on her family’s farm in Burrillville, Rhode Island. It was never a doubt for Jayme that she would grow up to have a farm of her own.

“I’ve lived my entire life on a farm and wanted my kids to experience the same kind of lifestyle I did. Shoveling out stalls daily and taking care of something that is completely dependent on you builds character,” said Jayme.

Getting to know Jayme, you quickly realize she has a huge heart and a genuine passion for taking care of others. After dealing with a family member’s illness in her early 20’s, Jayme became inspired to pursue a career that would allow her to help others.

Jayme received her associate’s degree in nursing from the Community College of Rhode Island in 2002 and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New England Institute of Technology University in 2017. Her nursing career began with Day Kimball at 29-years-old working in the med/surg. and intensive care units. In 2004, Jayme left Day Kimball to start a family. She returned work in 2006 to practice nursing at Eastern Connecticut Hematology Oncology in Norwich, where she worked in collaboration with practice physicians to meet the needs of patients with cancer and blood disorders.

This year, with a desire to practice oncology nurse navigation and make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer in the Quiet Corner, Jayme returned to Day Kimball as the Cancer Center’s Nurse Navigator. When asked why she likes practicing at DKH, Jayme said, “I love being a part of the cancer team who are some of the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The knowledge and compassion of the team is amazing.”

In her role as a nurse navigator, Jayme helps patients “navigate” through the health care system and receive timely care. Jayme works with patients to identify and remove barriers to effective care by coordination services, and helping to improve patient access and quality of care. She connects patients to the resources they may need, such as financial assistance, counseling, or transportation. Jayme works as part of an integrated team that is in daily communication with physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and nutritionists to support cancer patients from the beginning of diagnosis through survivorship.

“I am very lucky to be an oncology navigator,” said Jayme. “The best part is I can make a difference in the patient’s care. I make sure they have the tools and the knowledge to face the new diagnosis of cancer. I am here to take the unknown and bring it into understandable language with care and compassion.”

When she’s not at the hospital, or on the farm with her 3 horses (Luna C. Mina, and T.J.), 2 goats (Katnis and Ru), and 2 dogs (Max and Finley), you may find Jayme on the beach, golfing, or spending time with her family.

Read on to learn more about Jayme in this edition of 13 Questions.

1. I grew up in: Burrillville, RI.
2. Who’s on your playlist? Garth Brooks, Jackson, Browne, Kenny Chesney, AC/DC, James Taylor.
3. What’s your favorite movie? Dirty Dancing, Grease, and The Notebook.
4. What’s your favorite color? Island Ocean Blue.
5. Who is your hero? My mom and my dad. They have a great story of cancer survival and 50 years of love.

6. Pets or no pets? (name them, if so.) I have 3 horses, 3 cows, 5 chickens, and 2 dogs.
7. Name something on your bucket list. To visit Greece.
8. What’s your “go-to” comfort food? Pizza and french fries.
9. Smartphone, tablet or desktop? Smartphone!
10. People would be surprised to know that: I live on a farm and clean stalls daily.
11. What are you most passionate about? Family. My two daughters are my world.
12. How did you meet your husband? Tim and I met when I was bartending during nursing school. He was my customer! We have been married for 19 years.
13. What’s your favorite place in northeast Connecticut? DKH of course!

Top: Jayme Dandeneau with her husband Tim, and their two daughters 16 year-old Grace and 14 year-old Emma.
Middle: Jayme’s 3 horses Luna C., Mina, and T.J. 
Bottom: Jayme’s two dogs 4-year-old Max (left) and 2-year old and Finley (right).

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