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Advanced Pharmacy at Day Kimball Hospital Includes New Cleanroom


Day Kimball Hospital (DKH) recently completed renovations and upgrades to its pharmacy featuring enhancements that increase the standard of care for all DKH patients with a focus on safety and quality.

Day Kimball Hospital’s pharmacy dispenses medication to its emergency department, operating rooms, general medicine, ambulatory care unit, endoscopic services, pain management as well as patients who receive chemotherapy treatments. And now it operates with high-technology that has shepherded an even greater level of accuracy, safety, security and service.

“We recently completed a remodel of the pharmacy to revamp workflow and complement fail-safe technologies, according to best practices,” said Robert Viens, director of pharmacy, Day Kimball Healthcare. “On all levels, this initiative has optimized safety and improved productivity.” He praised pharmacists and technicians for continuing to provide outstanding service during the 18 month renovation project.

The renovated pharmacy includes a new sterile preparation space with a separate sterile compounding cleanroom where medications are made. The cleanroom prepares chemotherapy and intravenous medications such as IV antibiotics and customized IV fluids.

The sterile prep area has positive air pressure and hoods that filter air to prevent possible contamination while preparing the drugs. The chemotherapy prep area has negative air pressure to reduce the risk of chemotherapy exposure and specialized chemotherapy hoods that filter air to prevent contamination and preserve negative pressure to protect staff.

The new facility and its state-of-the-art medication and supply management technology, Omnicell, helps the pharmacy team support a fast turnaround on medication orders and offer the ultimate standard in safety and quality patient care.

“Equipping our teams and providers with consistent, safe products improves our medication management processes and supports safety all the way to the patient,” said John O’Keefe, chief nursing officer and vice president of patient services, Day Kimball Healthcare. “The newly renovated and upgraded pharmacy meets the strictest regulations for sterility and safety.”

The Hospital’s pharmacy is compliant with U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Standards 795, 797, 800, and 825 that govern how hospitals receive, store, dispense, and dispose of hazardous drugs.

“As a trend-setter in care, DKH constantly strives to make advancements to meet the community’s needs by investing in cutting-edge technology to bring more healthcare resources locally to better serve our community,” O’Keefe said. “The new pharmacy is evidence of DKH’s dedication to continuous improvement and commitment to providing the safest, highest-quality care possible.”

Day Kimball Hospital’s pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve all patients in the hospital.

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