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Dale Warner Praises Day Kimball Health’s Oncology Department

Dale Warner Praises Day Kimball Health’s Oncology Department


Dale Warner, a 67-year-old resident of Hampton, CT, recently shared his inspirational story of resilience and hope in the face of the difficult diagnosis of Myelodysplasia. This glimpse into his experience offers a candid view of his cancer journey and the incredible support he has received from DKH’s Oncology Department.  

Dale’s life before his cancer diagnosis was characterized by activity, travel, and cherished time with his family, including his wife Terri, their four married sons and their spouses, and 14 grandchildren. 

Dale’s cancer journey began in November of 2022 when his primary care physician discovered an irregularity in his blood platelet count, leading to a referral to an oncologist/hematologist. In January 2023, even though he was showing no symptoms, Dale was diagnosed with an unknown stage of Myelodysplasia. Also known as Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), Myelodysplasia affects the growth and development of healthy blood cells in bone marrow.

He says that his initial physician painted a bleak picture of his future, an experience he described as a “horror show”, Dale with the help of Terri sought a second opinion from Dr. Alejandro Carvajal at Day Kimball Health (DKH), which would restore their hope and faith.

Dale’s treatment plan began in March 2023, initially with subcutaneous therapy, transitioning to oral treatment, and having had five platelet transfusions to date. Throughout the journey, Dale has leaned on his faith, and the support of his family, friends, church, and community. He has remained active by working 30-35 hours a week, delivering auto parts, despite technically being retired.

The patient care provided by DKH’s oncology department has left an indelible mark on Dale. He praised their excellence, saying, “Above and beyond, and excellent communication!” He also expressed his deep gratitude to everyone providing his care, including Dr. Carvajal and the dedicated team at DKH, specifically Becky, Nicole, Ginger, Lauren, Jody, and Dominique.

When asked if he would recommend Day Kimball’s oncology department to others, Dale responded with a resounding, “Definitely, and without hesitation! Excellent professional care and communication. Putting the patient first!”

For those newly diagnosed with cancer, Dale advises taking time to let it sink in, regroup your thoughts, and remember three things: keep the faith, there is hope, and face one day at a time.

Dale Warner’s journey is a story of resilience, hope, and the power of support from the community and healthcare providers. His positive outlook and determination serve as an inspiration to all.

Dale’s wife Terri echoed Dale’s sentiment when offering advice to those supporting a loved one on their cancer journey, “As you offer support, I encourage you to try and be as positive as possible despite the circumstances. Maintain a sense of humor, and be kind, compassionate, and loving. Have faith and hope, and face one day at a time along with the challenges that come your way.” 

Terri adds “Dr. Carvajal and the staff at DKH, have been outstanding in every way possible. From putting the patient first to effective and thorough communication to professionalism. DKH teamed up with UMASS in Worcester, a Dana Farber affiliate to further achieve what is best for my husband’s health needs. Without hesitation, we highly recommend the DKH Hematology and Oncology Center. Having professionals who sincerely care for us, helps make this difficult journey easier to navigate.”

While Dale is still undergoing treatment, he is spending quality time with his family and enjoying working on minor household tasks, attending church services, and participating in social activities.

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