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Day Kimball Healthcare Honors Most Tenured Surgeon Dr. Ronald Franzino


Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) held a dedication ceremony at the Hospital on Tuesday, August 27 to honor longtime general and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Ronald Franzino.

The Hospital’s administration elected to name the Rotunda Conference Room located in the Brousseau Surgical Suite after Dr. Franzino, who joined the medical staff in 1988 and stands as the longest serving surgeon currently on the DKH medical staff, in recognition of his 31 years of service to the surgical department and in commemoration of DKH’s 125th anniversary.

“The excellent care Dr. Franzino provides to his patients, his impact on the field of general and laparoscopic surgery, and his commitment to the community has touched many lives,” said Anne Diamond, president and CEO, Day Kimball Healthcare. “For these reasons and more DKH leadership has chosen to honor Dr. Franzino in this way.”

At the dedication ceremony, colleagues, family members, and friends gathered in the Rotunda Conference Room to honor Dr. Franzino, his years of groundbreaking work, and his numerous contributions to his field and the Northeast Connecticut community at large.

“I am grateful to Anne Diamond and our Board of Directors for this tremendous honor,” said Dr. Franzino.

During his career, Dr. Franzino has made many contributions to education in the health care field. As an early adopter of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and one of the first in Connecticut to perform laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, he has taught his techniques to other surgeons throughout the world.

“Dr. Franzino inspires people not only through his medical expertise but also the way in which he makes patients feel welcome and comfortable,” said Diamond. “He has built a reputation among his patients for his accessible and empathetic approach and is known among the DKH family for doing little things that go a long way in helping patients feel safe and cared for.”

In his tenure at DKH, Dr. Franzino has served in many positions including Surgical Case Review Committee Chair (1991-2007), Department of Surgery Chair (2001-2007), Bylaws Committee Chair (2002-2008), President of the Windham County Medical Association (2002-2005), VP of the Medical Staff (2005 to 2008), and President of the Medical Staff (2009-2012).

TOP: Dr. Ronald Franzino, general and laparoscopic surgeon, honored as most tenured surgeon current on Day Kimball Healthcare’s medical staff at a room dedication ceremony held at the Hospital on Tuesday, August 27.

MIDDLE: Dr. Ronald Franzino with his family at a room dedication ceremony held on Tuesday, August 27 at Day Kimball Hospital, honoring the most tenured surgeon currently on the DKH medical staff for his years of groundbreaking work and numerous contributions to his field and Northeast Connecticut.

BOTTOM: (l to r):Dr. David McCallum, Dr. Ronald Franzino, and DKH Medical Staff President Dr. Michael Baum, celebrate Franzino’s tenure at a room dedication ceremony held in the Brousseau Surgical Suite at Day Kimball Hospital on Tuesday, August 27.

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