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Day Kimball Hospital Implements New Visitor and Emergency Management System to Improve Patient Safety

March 4, 2019
Day Kimball Hospital (DKH) will begin using a new visitor and emergency management system to ensure patient safety and security. MitchellTrac, a visitor and emergency management solution built on Real-Time Location System (RTLS) smartphone technology, will be rolled out at DKH over the next few months.

MitchellTrac will enable DKH to meet federally mandated regulatory standards for visitor management, security, and emergency communication. This new system will allow DKH to know who is coming into the hospital and the reason for their visit in real-time, adding an extra layer of protection to keep patients, visitors, and staff safe.

“This program will improve the security at Day Kimball Hospital,” said Anne Diamond, President and CEO of Day Kimball Healthcare. “We need to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality of care in the safest environment and the new visitor and emergency management system will allow us to further protect and welcome everyone who visits our campus.”

Emergencies can happen when least expected. As a place dedicated to healing, DKH remains continually vigilant in providing the highest level of preparedness, safety, and security possible.

“The safety of our patients, visitors, and staff is a top priority for Day Kimball Healthcare,” said Diamond. “However, when it comes to natural disasters, senseless attacks, and intruders, all hospitals are a vulnerable target.”

Recent high-profile tragedies in both rural and urban areas across the country have emphasized the need for expansive, high-capacity environments, such as school campuses, event venues, and hospitals, to maintain an effective and thorough security system and a coordinated emergency management plan.

“We recognize that our patients seek the comfort of family and friends during times of hospitalization,” said Diamond. “Allowing visitors onto our premises and into private rooms is highly desirable and appreciated by our patients, and must be done in a safe manner.”

Thankfully, advancements in technology have made it easier for healthcare organizations and security officials to maintain a welcome and open atmosphere, while providing a safe environment. “We continually evaluate our security protocols to provide the safest environment possible for our patients and visitors,” said Brian Fulton, Public Safety Manager for Day Kimball Healthcare. “We’re excited to be incorporating this advanced technological visitor and emergency management system in our hospital.”

Day Kimball Healthcare will mandate all visitors of inpatients and vendors, and encourage all staff and patients, to enroll. Upon arrival to the hospital, patients, visitors and vendors will receive a badge to wear while on Day Kimball Hospital premises.

The system also allows security officials to utilize what matters most in emergency response: real-time communications to all those on the campus.

Using smartphones that send a signal through an existing Wi-Fi connectivity, active emergency messages can go out to patients, visitors, and first responders, providing important information that’s immediate. Real-time location features can also be activated during an emergency on campus.

This coordinated visitor and emergency management system facilitates collaboration and enhances response and investigation capabilities, bringing emergency situations to a faster conclusion and with better outcomes.

For questions or concerns about the new visitor and emergency management system, please email or visit

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