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{DKH Longest-Serving Employees Spotlight} | Nancy Zamagni, RN


In celebration of 125 years of service, Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) is showcasing many of our longest-serving employees who have dedicated 40 or more years to our organization. Here’s a chance to get a more personal look at the people woven into the history of your community hospital.

This month we recognize Nancy Zamagni, RN and physician office liaison/electronic medical record analyst with Day Kimball Medical Group (DKMG), who began working at DKH in 1974.

Nancy graduated from Framingham Union Hospital School of Nursing in Framingham, MA and held a certification in medical/surgical nursing for 15 years. She was born and raised in Webster, MA and now resides in Putnam, CT with her husband, Charles.

Read on to learn more about Nancy, including what inspired her career choices and more in this spotlight.

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What sparked your interest in healthcare? I wanted to become a nurse since I was 3 years old. Since then, my desire to become a nurse never changed.

Do you remember your first day of work at DKH? Yes, I spent the first two weeks in orientation with about 10 other new personnel. I did not know anyone at the time so it was a little anxiety producing. However, everyone was friendly and helpful. Within a short period of time I knew where I was going. I had a few really good mentors that helped ease the fright.

What roles have you had at DKH? I was a full time floor nurse on first shift for about 2 to 3 years. I was often assigned as the medication nurse for the unit. I was then elevated to the position of "charge nurse” which morphed into clinical coordinator. I did that job for about 30 years. I was then asked to work part time with an IT nurse to help build MS4. After training the staff on the use of MS4 order entry, I was offered a position with Physician Services (now the Day Kimball Medical Group) doing a job titled “physician office liaison.” I was asked to help build and implement the new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to be used in our physicians’ offices.

What do you like most about your job? It keeps me in the medical field without the physical requirements that are necessary for working on the inpatient side. I interact with a lot of people and it keeps my mind active. I still use my nursing knowledge in the EMR and the practices.

What do you like most about working at DKH? What have you gained? DKH has always been my second family. I have built a lot of lasting relationships and cared for countless friends, family and community members. As far as my nursing career, I have been lucky enough to have learned something new every day from providers who are willing to teach. I have been able to pass that on to countless younger nurses that oriented with me. I came to DKH expecting to stay for a y ear or so, but ended up staying a lifetime.

What is your proudest moment at DKH? That is difficult to say with so many years to think about. Soothing the pain, teaching patients to care for themselves, or just listening to their stories. I think I always felt the most satisfaction from being able to teach patients how to live full lives despite a chronic illness by understanding their condition. Just knowing you made a difference in someone’s life is a true blessing.

What is your fondest memory of your time at DKH so far? I was lucky to have been nominated as employee of the month by my peers. I became a “Champion of the Human Spirit” and received a Nightingale Award in 2009. Being respected for doing what has become my life’s work is truly awesome.

With this being DKH’s 125th anniversary, what do you think makes DKH so special? DKH isn’t just a work place; it is a family, a community, and a safe haven for so many. We are lucky to have this hospital here in Putnam.

What do you like to do outside of work? I am an avid UConn Women’s Basketball fan. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to read when I can.

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