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New Emergency Department Fact Sheet

Construction of the Townsend Emergency Medical Center has provided two important benefits for the continued delivery of high quality emergency care to Northeast Connecticut: increased space and modernization.

Major Improvements and Highlights Include:

  • A new entrance and covered canopy provide a comfortable, spacious and functional area for families to drop off their loved ones to receive care.
  • The new waiting area provides a safe, comfortable and calm environment for patients awaiting ED care. 
  • The number of patient rooms has been doubled allowing the ED to accommodate increasing volume and to enhance safety, efficiency and patient privacy. The ED now includes a total of 24 all-private treatment rooms This is perhaps the most significant improvement, as these spacious rooms now offer privacy, confidentiality and dignity for individuals, plus reduce the noise level and shield patients from the rapid-paced environment inherent to a busy ED. 
  • In addition to the 24 treatment rooms there is also a new state-of-the-art two bed resuscitation room, which is where the most critically ill ED patients receive priority care for immediate stabilization and treatment. 
  • Registration is now done at the patient’s bedside, which accelerates care and makes the ED process more efficient. 
  • Upgrades to cardiac monitoring equipment in patient rooms. 
  • Specialty equipment, including special beds and bariatric equipment, to better meet the wide range of patients' physical needs and challenges. 
  • Dedicated and discreet behavioral health treatment rooms, which are also equipped Improvements to the existing “Prompt Care” suite, which enables quicker access to treatment for patients with minor injuries and illnesses.
  • A consultation room designed to provide a private, comfortable area for families of critically-ill patients. 
  • Establishment of staff-support areas consisting of workstations and equipment storage space to reduce congestion. 
  • A separate, covered ambulance entrance that is equipped to easily convert to a hazardous decontamination zone or to receive mass casualties. 
  • One internal decontamination room with environmental controls in place to appropriately manage biological or chemical decontamination activities.
  • The entire project is 23,066 square feet with two floor addition (ground floor 6,474 square feet; main floor 5,468) and renovation of current space (administrative office 2,757 square feet, emergency department patient services department 8.367 square feet) 
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