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Q: Once you contract the H1N1 virus and are sick from it and choose not to get vaccinated, can you get it again later in the season? Or do you build up antibodies and will NOT get it again? Is this true with the seasonal flu as well?

A: Yes, if you get the H1N1 virus you would be immune from getting it again. However, not all respiratory infections are caused by the H1N1 flu. Therefore, unless your illness was confirmed by a test called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction done only at the state lab and reference labs), then you should still get the H1N1 vaccine when it is available. While this is also true of seasonal flu, keep in mind that strains of flu change each year, making it necessary to get your flu vaccinations each and every year.

Please continue to send your general questions about the H1N1 influenza to us at We will continue to post answers to questions on our website at For privacy and security reasons, please do not send personal or confidential information to this email address. Please be advised that since we are only accepting general questions in this mailbox, we are unable to respond directly to your email.

Our medical and office staffs at Day Kimball Pediatric Centers continue to work hard to treat as well as provide vaccines to an increased number of patients. Additional vaccine supplies continue to be available and we want to remind parents to call their child’s pediatrician to check availability.

Please note that restrictions to our visitation policy at Day Kimball Hospital are still in place.
If you are not a patient of Day Kimball Healthcare, the Northeast District Department of Health is scheduling public H1N1 vaccination clinics for priority populations. Visit their website for a schedule or call 860-774-7350. Please note that appointments are required.