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Brousseau Surgical Suite

Day Kimball Hospital
Second Floor
320 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260
(860) 963-6350

The Brousseau Surgical Suite at Day Kimball Hospital, located within the Hale Medical Pavilion, includes four state-of-the-art operating rooms equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by highly trained nurses and technicians.

Advancements in Design

  • The Brousseau Surgical Suite, which opened approximately 20 years ago, incorporated design features that were so cutting edge at the time that they are still incorporated in new surgical suite construction today.

  • High level air filters and computer modeling of air flow were incorporated into the surgical suite design resulting in a highly controlled environment, which translates into a safer environment for surgery.

  • Spacious operating rooms with bright, natural lighting.

Advancements in Technology

  • New state-of-the-art L.E.D. surgical lighting, computerized information integration technology for enhanced visualization of live surgical camera views and stored diagnostic images on multiple high-acuity monitors at the surgical site.

  • Day Kimball Hospital was the first in New England to offer the VERION Image Guided System together with LenSx Laser, the most advanced technology available for cataract surgery.

  • Desiccant air drying systems have been installed to address the comfort level for surgeons who wear more barrier protection clothing to create a safer surgical site.

  • Industrial dehumidification unit achieves optimal temperature and humidity levels in the operating rooms, as changes in surgical attire and processes in recent years have necessitated lower temperature and humidity. 

  • All new Post Anesthesia Care Unit monitorin system for patients recovering from anesthesia

Advancements in Safety 

  • Major electrical upgrades to address new facility codes and enhance patient and staff safety during surgery.

  • Day Kimball Hospital’s equipment, protocols and staff education programs meet the highest standards in surgical care.

  • Both the surgeons and the hospital have been nationally recognized multiple times for the quality of care provided and the success of the outcomes achieved for patients. Read about our impressive quality achievements. 

  • Significant upgrades to equipment and processes in the Central Sterile department responsible for sterilizing instrumentation and implants, including:

    • onsite instrument repair service repairs and sharpens instruments, monthly

    • installation of our Reverse Osmosis System (RO) which feeds purified water into our washer decontamination machine

    • laparoscopic insulation tester ensures the integrity of our laparoscopic instruments

The physical environment in the surgical suite is frequently under review and many upgrades and modernizations have occurred. Many of these improvements were funded by DKH’s Seldom Overlock Fund and from generous gifts and donations from the community of northeast Connecticut. 

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