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Longest Serving Employee Spotlight | Liz Murphy


{DKH Longest-Serving Employees Spotlight}
In celebration of 125 years of service, Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH) is showcasing many of our longest-serving employees who have dedicated 40 or more years to our organization. Here’s a chance to get a more personal look at the people woven into the history of your community hospital.

This month we recognize Liz Murphy, medical technologist in DKH’s laboratory department, who began working at DKH in 1979. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Fitchburg State University and completed her clinical rotation at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MA.

Liz was born and raised in Webster, MA and now resides in Charlton, MA. She is married and has two sons, one daughter-in-law, and one grandson.

As the unofficial lab social director, Liz enjoys planning the department’s Christmas party and other employee events throughout the year.

In reflecting on what makes DKH special, Liz shared, “The people who work here. My coworkers in the lab and in the hospital are great. People greet each other by name. This attitude is then reflected in our work and how we treat our patients.”

Read on to learn more about Liz, including what inspired her career choice and more in this spotlight.

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What sparked your interest in healthcare? As a child I had been in the hospital a few times. I knew I wanted to help people in some way. In high school I excelled in the sciences. My guidance counselor suggested I look into the med tech programs. I did and the rest is history.

Do you remember your first day of work at DKH? Not really. I think I was very happy that someone was willing to hire me right out of college.

What roles have you had at DKH? Medical Technologist. I am currently the senior tech in the blood bank where I crossmatch blood for patients who might need a transfusion. This includes for patients in the operating room, emergency department, oncology, ambulatory care unit and inpatients. I am also responsible for maintaining the blood supply and ensuring we have an adequate supply at all times. I also make sure that other supplies are stocked in my department. I help with certain administrative duties such as charging blood, gathering static, and training new employees. I will cover most departments if there is an open shift.

What do you like most about your job? I like knowing that my job makes a difference in helping the people in this community.

What do you like most about working at DKH? What have you gained? We have clinical ladders to guide us in the lab. In this process we have to do continuing education. This is great because it keeps us abreast of changes in medicine such as new drugs, procedures, testing and instrumentation. All of these areas have changed considerably over my 40 year career.

What is your proudest moment at DKH? A woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. After the delivery she started to bleed uncontrollably (today we would call this a massive transfusion). Once I was aware of this situation, I had to process blood and blood products in a timely manner and literally run them to the maternal child health department for the doctor to administer. This situation lasted for a few hours. I played a very active part in saving this patient’s life. A few days later the doctor brought me homemade chocolate chip cookies. She stated that having all the blood products available made it easier for her to concentrate on the patient.

What is your fondest memory of your time at DKH so far? The birth of both of my children here.

With this being DKH’s 125th anniversary, what do you think makes DKH so special? The people who work here. My coworkers in the lab and in the hospital are great. People greet each other by name. This attitude is then reflected in our work and how we treat our patients.

What do you like to do outside of work? My hobbies include knitting, skiing, and traveling. I enjoy spending time with my grandson. We have a trip to Europe planned this year.

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