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Lung cancer is the second most common cancer and is by far the leading cause of cancer death in the United States, accounting for about 1 in 5 of all cancer deaths. More than 238,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year.

If you’re at risk for lung cancer, a low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening could save your life. It is the only recommended screening test for lung cancer and has been proven to significantly reduce deaths from the disease. It can help identify early stage lung cancers when they are most treatable, resulting in better outcomes for patients. As an American College of Radiology Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center, we are proud to offer this early intervention screening test at Day Kimball Hospital.

Criteria for Screening

Patients who meet the following criteria should have an annual low-dose CT lung cancer screening:

  • current smoker or former smoker who has quit within the last 15 years
  • age 50 - 77
  • healthy enough to undergo treatment
  • have no history of lung cancer
  • have a smoking history of at least 20 pack-years (1 pack a day for 20 years, 2 packs a day for 10 years, etc.)

How to Access Screening

Talk with your doctor about your smoking history. If you meet the criteria for screening, he or she will provide you with a referral for a low-dose CT scan. This referral is required to receive the test. Once your provider has made the referral, you can make an appointment for the test, which is performed at Day Kimball Hospital. Simply call our Diagnostic Imaging scheduling department at (860) 963-6320.

What to Expect After Screening

The results of your scan will be read by our board-certified radiologists, who will contact the ordering physician with the results and make any necessary recommendations for follow-up based on the guidelines of the American College of Radiology. If your results are normal, annual follow-up screening is generally recommended. If a possible abnormality is detected your provider will talk with you about recommended next steps. If you are a current smoker, it is recommended that you enroll in a smoking cessation program as well; these programs are offered periodically by Day Kimball Healthcare. Visit for a listing of upcoming classes and other resources to help you quit smoking.

Billing and Payment Information

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening is covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance plans for individuals who meet the screening criteria. Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage, copays, deductibles and any prior authorization requirements.

You will receive a bill from Day Kimball Hospital for the testing portion of your service, and a bill from Jefferson Radiology for the radiologist’s test interpretation services. For more information about billing, please visit our Billing & Insurance page.

Locations, Hours and Contact Information

A doctor's referral is required to receive a low-dose CT lung cancer screening test. Once your provider has made the referral, you can make an appointment for the test.

To make an appointment for the screening:
Call the DKH Diagnostic Imaging scheduling at (860) 963-6320.

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening is performed at: 
Day Kimball Hospital
320 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260 
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