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New Day

The healthcare industry is in a time of change - a time that requires courage, a belief that healthcare will be better, and the determination to do the work that will make it happen. Northeast Connecticut and Day Kimball Healthcare are living through this time together. We have stayed true to our mission of meeting the health needs of our community for 120 years, and we remain steadfast in that commitment as we move into the future. 

Here, we'll share with you news, information and resources to help you understand how and why health care is changing nationally, and how we're working to make those changes positive ones for Northeastern Connecticut. 

You can also explore other areas of our blog, including the Your Health and Wellness information center, for ways to improve health and wellness in your own life and for your family. 

Every new day is an opportunity to improve health and wellness. We can all rise above the challenges, see the possibilities, and achieve the benefits that await. It's a New Day at Day Kimball Healthcare.