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Skin Health and Skin Cancer Resources

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Skin is your body's largest organ - so take care of it! Here are some resources and information to help you have the healthiest skin possible, along with some fun feature stories by and about our very own Day Kimball Medical Group dermatology providers.


The ABCDE’s of Detecting Skin Cancer: Early Detection Matters
May is Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month, the perfect time to discuss the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, the importance of early detection, and sun-safe habits. Skin cancer –...
Winter’s Bite: What to Do When Winter Has You in its Icy Grip
With the arrival of colder temperatures, shorter days, and weaker sunshine, it’s the start of another frostbite season. It’s important to take steps to avoid frostbite and keep warm this time of...
13 Questions with Timothy Monahan, MD
Third-born of seven siblings, Timothy Monahan is the physician in the group, eventually studying dermatology. But before he went to medical school, Dr. Monahan was in the Army for 20 years, spending...
The ABC's of Detecting Skin Cancer
I am surprised at the number of skin cancers I see every week in Northeast Connecticut. National statistics show Connecticut is among the states with the highest incidence of melanoma, the most...
Mysterious Rashes May be Allergies That are Skin Deep
In spring, I start seeing a steady trickle of patients coming in with intensely itchy, raised, red and blistery skin rashes. I can usually confidently diagnosis a poison ivy dermatitis and give the...

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