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The Family CHO

Are you the Family CHO - Chief Health Officer - in your household? If you are, chances are good you answered that question without hesitation and with an emphatic "YES!" But if you're not sure, here's how to tell if the title fits: 7 Signs You're the Family CHO.

Family CHO's come in all walks of life - men, women, single, married, parent or not. The defining characteristic is that, somehow, you became the go-to person in your household or family to anticipate, coordinate and alleviate all things health-related. 

Here, fellow Family CHOs will share some of the struggles, successes and real-life (often comical, though they never feel that way at the time) stories of what it's like to fill the role of Family CHO day in and day out. These particular CHOs also happen to work for Day Kimball Healthcare, so they've got the inside track to the health and wellness experts and will share what wisdom they have along the way. After all, it's a big job - we CHOs have to help each other out! 

Why My Family's Biting Lime and Why You Should Too | The Family CHO
This is what it looks like when you ask your whole family to take a bite out of lime. I’ve never been so happy to share such an unflattering photo of myself and unbelievably, my husband and daughters...
7 Signs You're the Family CHO
I’ve got a confession to make – I’m the Family CHO. And you know what? You might be, too. You’re probably wondering what a Family CHO even is. I’ll get to that, but first I’ll begin by telling you...

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Stephen F. Schiff, MD, FACS

Stephen F. Schiff, MD, FACS


Dr. Stephen Schiff is the Vice Chairman of Surgery at Day Kimball Hospital. He was recently appointed Clinical Professor of Urology at Yale University School of Medicine, and is a Professor of...more »
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