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Heart disease takes more lives than any other health condition, and there is a high incidence of it in Northeast Connecticut. To combat this, we’ve developed a high-quality, comprehensive and coordinated program of cardiac care, frequently referred to as “the chain of survival.”

Primary Prevention
The first link in the chain of survival is prevention. Our primary care practitioners work to identify at-risk individuals before they suffer a cardiac event, and then help them to take an active role in avoiding a serious heart condition by implementing a preventative program of medication, awareness, and lifestyle modification.

Emergency Care
When a serious cardiac event does occur, we’re ready. The first hour of a heart attack is a critical time when rapid diagnosis and treatment can minimize permanent damage to the heart and save lives. With this in mind, we train paramedics to administer life-saving treatments before the patient even reaches the hospital. Upon arrival, our emergency care team is ready with a rapid and aggressive response and clot-busting drugs. If emergency surgery is required, patients are transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center by a Life Star helicopter within 90 minutes of entering our emergency department.

Non-Invasive Cardiac Testing and Physician Services
Our patients benefit from the use of advanced non-invasive tests and procedures to detect heart abnormalities, a range of specialized procedures typically found only at major medical centers. Non-invasive pacemaker surgery is available as well. Our affiliations with nearby major medical centers ensure access to more advanced treatment procedures such as cardiac catheterization or angioplasty. And we provide access to expert cardiology physician services through our associated cardiologists at Northeast Connecticut Cardiology Associates, UMass Memorial Medical Center and other practices.

Anticoagulation Clinic
The Anticoagulation Clinic monitors and manages anticoagulation medications, also known as “blood thinners,” which are prescribed for a variety of conditions to prevent blood clots. A simple finger-stick test is administered at each visit, allowing the nurse to adjust the dose of anticoagulation medication as needed for optimum results and safety.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
The final link in the chain of survival is our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program. Through education and supervised exercise, the program helps patients return to as high a quality life as possible after suffering a cardiac event. A physician referral is required to participate in the program, which is conducted at a state-of-the-art facility at Day Kimball Hospital.

Billing and Payment Information

Billing for physician consultations and services will be submitted to your insurance directly from those practices.

For care received in the Day Kimball Hospital emergency department, billing will come from Day Kimball Hospital (for facility services), NES Medical Services (for emergency physician services) and NAPA Anesthesia (for anesthesiology services, when applicable).

Billing for anticoagulation services and cardiopulonary rehabilitation will come from Day Kimball Hospital.

Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage, copays, deductibles and any prior authorization requirements. If you have questions about your Day Kimball Hospital bill or need help paying for care, please contact our team of financial counselors. For more information visit billing page.

Other Services Integrated with Cardiology

Specialty Care: Anticoagulation
Surgical Care: Cardiac Surgery
Diagnostic Services: Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic Services: Laboratory and Blood Draw
Primary Care

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