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Working in conjunction with your primary care practitioner (PCP), the Anticoagulation Clinic serves to monitor and manage anticoagulation medications, also known as “blood thinners,” which are prescribed for a variety of heart conditions to prevent blood clots.

The Clinic nurse administers a simple finger-stick test (INR blood test) to check how long it takes for the patient’s blood to clot. The results of the test are available immediately, allowing the nurse to adjust the dose of medication as needed.

A referral is required to be seen at the Anticoagulation Clinic. Once that is received, a nurse will call to schedule your first appointment. New patients will need to come in daily until their INR blood test results are within the appropriate therapeutic range. Once the therapeutic dose has been established, patients come in weekly, and eventually monthly, for continued monitoring.

At each appointment you will be given the finger-stick blood test and the nurse will also provide educational information regarding dietary guidelines and medication. Certain foods, illnesses and other medications can alter medication blood levels, so it’s important that patients taking these medications maintain communication with their PCP and keep appointments to be monitored regularly.

Billing and Payment Information

Billing for anticoagulation services will come from Day Kimball Hospital. Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage, copays, deductibles and any prior authorization requirements.

If you have questions about your Day Kimball Hospital bill or need help paying for care, please contact our team of financial counselors. For more information, visit our billing page.

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Locations, Hours and Contact Information

Anticoagulation Clinic

Services are available by appointment only; appointments available Monday - Friday. 
Clinic Phone: (860) 457-9168
Clinic Fax: (860) 457-9167

Clinic Locations:

Day Kimball Healthcare Center | Putnam 
12 South Main Street, Putnam, CT 06260
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Day Kimball Healthcare Center | Plainfield
12 Lathrop Road, Plainfield, CT 06374
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