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COVID-19 Test Pricing

Day Kimball currently offers two tests related to COVID-19 for those paying out of pocket: 

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) Nasal Swab: $51.31 (cash price)
COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test: $51.31 (cash price)

Test  CM price  Self pay price
(57% discount) 
 COVID nasal swab  $115.45 $49.64 
 COVID Antibody, IgG  $112.50  $48.37
 COVID Antibody, IgM  $112.50  $48.37
 COVID Antibody, IgA  $112.50  $48.37

Please note that a doctor may order more than one antibody to be tested, in which case, the price would be according to the number of antibodies tested for.


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