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Cancer Survivorship at Day Kimball Healthcare. Various cancer colored ribbons.

Cancer Survivorship

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer - no matter where they are in the course of their disease - is a cancer survivor.

Good nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment, and it’s also important to stay as active as you can. Controlling your weight, keeping physically active, and eating right may help you lower your risk of your cancer coming back, as well as help protect you from other health problems.

The following video resources explore how diet and exercise can help support your health and well-being after cancer treatment.

VIDEOS: Healthy Eating for Cancer Survivors

Nutrition 1 | Intro

Nutrition 2 | Weight

Nutrition 3 | Healthy Weight

Nutrition 4 | Carbs

Nutrition 5 | Protein

Nutrition 6 | Fats

Nutrition 7 | Fiber

Nutrition 8 | Fluid

Nutrition 9 | Recs

Nutrition 10 | Myths

VIDEOS: Exercise for Cancer Survivors

Exercise | Introduction to Exercise

Exercise | HIIT

Exercise | HIIT with Bands

Exercise | Kyphosis

Exercise | Post op Breast Surgery

Exercise | Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Exercise | Preventing Lymphedema

Locations, Hours and Contact Information

Rose Bove LaRose Cancer Center
Day Kimball Hospital
2nd Floor
320 Pomfret Street
Putnam, CT 06260
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Phone: (860) 963-6425

Hours: Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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