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Working in concert with our integrated Women’s Health care services, Cancer Care services and Breast Health Program, Day Kimball Healthcare provides comprehensive breast surgery within a coordinated and compassionate environment.

Prior to your surgery, be sure to review our Important Patient Instructions and Information.

Breast Biopsy
If a woman has an abnormal mammogram or discovers a lump in her breast, a breast biopsy may be performed to determine if the mass is malignant (cancerous) or benign (not cancer). During the procedure, the surgeon removes a sample of tissue from the mass, so that it can be examined under a microscope to look for breast cancer cells. There are several types of breast biopsies – fine needle aspiration, core biopsy and open excisional biopsy. Your doctor will determine which is the best method for you. (Are all types performed at DKH? And do we want to expound on each in the content?) It is important to remember that most women who undergo a breast biopsy do not have breast cancer. However, it is a critical tool for diagnosing cancer when it does occur and can provide peace of mind if it is confirmed that the mass is benign.

Sentinel Node Biopsy
A sentinel lymph node is the first in a group of nodes where cancer cells may move to once the cancer has begun to spread from its original site. In breast cancer, this is normally one of the lymph nodes under the arm. If a cancerous mass has been found in the breast, your doctor may recommend a sentinel node biopsy to determine if the cancer has spread. During the surgery, the lymph node is taken out and examined under a microscope to look for cancer cells. If cancer is detected, more lymph nodes may need to be removed and examined.

If a cancerous mass is found in the breast, your doctor may recommend a lumpectomy. During a lumpectomy, the surgeon removes the cancerous mass along with a portion of the surrounding normal tissue, and sometimes also nearby lymph nodes. This is the least invasive form of breast cancer surgery and is best suited for women who have small, early stage breast cancer. The procedure is also sometimes known as “breast conserving” surgery because the goal is to remove all of the cancerous cells while maintaining as close to a normal breast appearance as possible when the surgery is over. A course of radiation therapy usually follows this type of breast cancer surgery.

Mastectomy involves the surgical removal of the entire breast. There are several different types of mastectomy. Simple or total mastectomy removes the entire breast; modified radical mastectomy removes the entire breast as well as some of the underarm lymph nodes and sometimes part of the chest wall muscles; and radical mastectomy removes the entire breast, all of the underarm lymph nodes and the muscles of the chest wall in their entirety – however this procedure is rarely done today. Which type of mastectomy is right for you depends on the stage, size and location of your cancer as well as other medical factors and personal preferences.

Billing & Payment Information

Please note that billing for surgical procedures will be submitted to your insurance carrier by more than one party; the physician’s practice for surgical services, Day Kimball Hospital for facility services and North American Partners for Anesthesia (NAPA) for anesthesiology services (if applicable). Please check with your insurance carrier for details about your specific coverage, copays, deductibles and any prior authorization requirements. If you have questions about your Day Kimball Hospital bill or need help paying for care, please contact our team of financial counselors. See our billing information page for more information.

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